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You’ve Been Given Specific Gifts

We bought a Jersey cow and her calf to milk and raise. We are loving developing our milking habit in the morning and figuring out what works best for our girls. The mornings are my favorite time of the day. After my quiet time with Jesus I love getting my body moving with chores and tasks. I know, that may sound weird if you arent a morning person. Tommy Mydlo and I are enjoying doing the morning chores together taking care of the chickens, pigs, cows and Hady (our Border Collie). Evening has been a little different story. Our cow is in heaven out in our pasture all day as she had very little grass at her last house. They had a lot of trees and goats which prevented a lot of pasture grass from growing. So, let’s just say Elsa and baby Annabelle aren’t in any hurry to come in at night. We have had some downright comedy shows in the pasture bringing in mama and baby. My family was here a couple nights ago and my daughter in law Brooke Elizabeth Mydlo and my son in law Carlon Holder were out with Eli and Tommy in the pasture running defensive plays like professionals in the NFL. Guess what? Baby calves aint easy to catch . Last night Tommy and I said “Come on, let’s let Hady show us what she’s made of.” We haven’t been letting Hady out in the pasture much as our mama cow Elsa was a little intimidated with her around her calf. But, Tommy and I knew it was time. I am not exaggerating when I say it took Hady 5 minutes to coral the cows into the stall for the night. It was miraculous and screamed God made her for this. It took one border collie to do what about 10 of us adult humans died laughing trying to do. Hady was gifted by God to be a herder. She’s made for this. It was simple for her and she shined with happiness doing it. Guess what? You were made to serve God in a specific way as well. When God formed you in your mother’s womb, you were no mistake. God was intentional. He formed you. He fashioned you and He gifted you. You were given specific gifts for one reason, to serve Jesus here on Earth. Do you sing? You are supposed to be worshiping Him. Do you love serving? You are supposed to be serving God, not self. Do you love cooking? You could be making meals for shut ins. Do you love visiting people? You could be visiting elderly in nursing homes or the sick in hospitals. What do you find that you love doing? Making money? You should be making money to give to the Kingdom of God. I don’t care what it is, your gift matters. It matters to those who need your help sharing the gospel. It matters to those who have still not accepted Jesus as Lord. Time is running out. We are one day closer to Jesus returning to Earth for His people. He wants us all with Him. We need to all use our gifts to make sure ALL find Him. It’s not His will that any shall perish. That’s why He gave you gifts. Discover them, and use them. No more wasting time. You were made for greatness.

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