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How Can You Support Our Mission?


Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We offer a variety of ways that you can get involved with our ministry where it is serving at one of our events or working at Treasures Resale Shop in Minneola. We love our volunteers and appreciate their willingness to lend their time and talents to support the mission. Please email us at the corresponding button below to find out how you can share your talents with Unforsaken Women. Thank you in advance!


Your Donations Makes a Big Difference

Here are some ways you can donate:


Gently Used Clothing, Furniture,
and Household Items


Financial Donations

Make a tax deductible donation‏.

From One of our Single Moms

"I’m a single mom to two amazing boys Victor and Hanz. And I just want to just give a little small testimony of how Unforsaken has been a blessing to my boys and myself. Six years ago when I was in the process of moving to Clermont/Minneola when Mo Mydlo blessed me for the very first time, with paying my apartment security deposit. Without me knowing them or them knowing me she did not hesitate to give me that money for me to move into my new apartment with my son Victor. With every other blessing that they have blessed me with. After me joining the single mom's group I started attending the moms coffee club they use to do for all of us single moms that I loved so much because I didn’t know anyone in Clermont and met some amazing single mommas in the club. And my oldest son Victor also started attending the man's training which I thought was amazing for our little boys without a father figure in their life. I’m so overjoyed with the single mom's group because they have given my kids and me so many wonderful things like helping me out with paying some of my bills when I couldn’t afford it by sponsoring my son Victor for one year to play football as well as man training for my two boys that they absolutely love and also helping us with the angel tree during Christmas as well as giving us food for Thanksgiving given us gift cards for us to purchase what we need as well as gas gift cards they have been a tremendous blessing to my kids' life in my life. I won’t stop saying it I’m so grateful for all of it  I love this family I love this community I love Mo I love Sara I love Tommy they have been great to us. Let's just say I love everyone in this ministry. And that’s a little bit of what Unforsaken has done for my family." 

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