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Inspired by God's calling on us to serve and assist those in need in our community, we are excited to present Restore Hope. This program is designed to assist a single mom to repair, renovate, and /or renew her home. 

Upcoming Project: Friday October 11th- October 13th 

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You can be a hero to this year's single mom and chidlren. We have created a variety of ways for you to support this project. This project will be fully funded by the generous support of our donors - both company and individual families.  

If you wish to make a donation today, please select the gift amount from the sponsorships listed below and make your payment via PayPal. 


All corporate sponsors will receive their logo on various digital marketing for this project.

We are very grateful for your support. THANK YOU! 

Sponsorship Opportunities

I would like more information about Volunteering. Please contact me. 

Thanks for submitting!

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