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Walk out Peace with Passion

by Mo Mydlo

The Lord of Peace obviously understands peace. The Bible refers to Jesus as The Prince of Peace. The Lord and Prince of something, obviously understands it.

If we lack peace. We simply must go to the Source of it.

God is the Giver of Peace.

We are the receivers of His peace, but only if we allow ourselves to receive.

A gift isn’t truly a gift unless it’s received.

I have gifts still sitting in my room waiting to give to our best friends that we have not been able to connect with yet since Christmas. Those items mean nothing to them yet. But, when they open them they will become a blessing.

God has given us His peace, but if peace is still alluding us, we can venture to guess we simply have left His gift unopened.

God said to me, “walk out peace with passion.” Oh y’all, we have to walk out our peace. It is available to us but we must walk it out passionately.

We do things passionately when it means a lot to us.

We love our spouses passionately (or at least we should).

We work at our jobs passionately (or at least we should).

We pursue goals passionately (or at least we should).

Y'all, we have to walk out peace passionately.

We have a loving Father Who gives us His peace passionately.

We must let the peace of Christ rule and reign in us.

It’s a choice. Will you walk out His peace with passion today?

He longs for you to walk in it.

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