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"This is what Heaven will be like""

By Mo Mydlo

I’m working on a project for my grandbabies’ play area outside. I love decoupaging. I guess because you just can’t mess it up. It’s kind of a messy craft. Those are my favorite ones. They are grace filled.

As I was listening to some country gospel music and working I realized what I’m working on looks kind of like a quilt. I realized why I love quilts so much. They are a gathering of little messy scraps put together to make something beautiful and unique. You almost can’t mess up the design of a quilt. The more diversity of colors and shapes the better.

I felt in my Spirit, “This is what Heaven will be like.”

As I thought this, the words to the gospel song I was listening to said, “the lion will lie down with the lamb”.

Oh y’all, how beautiful Heaven will be. There will be all different races, creeds, tribes and tongues. The only thing we will all have in common is, we chose to follow Jesus while here on Earth. That will be our only matching characteristic.

Heaven will be the most beautiful patchwork quilt of believers all united in worship and adoration of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus!

We will all sing, Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lord God Almighty. It will just be sang with a little bit of country and a Little bit of Rock and roll.

How cool is our God? Thank God He loves messy people like all of us. When we come together we make art.

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