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A Second Chance

By Mo Mydlo

God quickly put His mother Mary on my heart. We watched The Passion of The Christ Friday night, so as to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. As usual, the entire time I watch the movie I can’t help but cry and repent. But, this year I couldn’t stop thinking of Mary, His Mother, the woman who knew Jesus as her son as well as The Son of God. I thought about Mary’s agony she must have endured watching her son be tortured for her, and for you and for me. I thought about her pain. It was painful to do as a mother and grandmother. What a price Mary had to pay to raise The King of Glory.

But….. this morning…

I thought of her again.

I thought of her heart and what it must have felt on the day Mary Madeline brought the news back that He was alive. Mary was given a second chance to behold her precious son and Savior. What a gift for her.

What a gift for us.

Second chances…

Resurrection Day means take-two!

Resurrection Day means you aren’t on your own anymore .

Resurrection Day means you have another chance to love, to give, to bless, to forgive.

Resurrection Day gives us life again when this world has stolen our first one with fears, torment, sin and hatred.

Resurrection Day gave all of the disciples a second chance and it gives us one too.

Easter is about new life. We have a chance to begin a new life with Christ, no matter how messed up our first one has been. We get a do-over, a mulligan, a take-two. Or for many of us, a take-fifty billion.

God’s grace and mercy is new everyday and His love endures forever. His grace and mercy aren’t dependent on our merit or accomplishments. His grace and mercy are driven by the blood that was shed, and the authority that was taken from Satan and Hell, once and for all at the cross.

Jesus is why we get a second chance.

Mary got another chance to see her Jesus.

We get another chance to love like Jesus..

Will you take that chance today? He died for you. He rose for you. Make Him Lord! He is worthy of all praise.

Happy Easter

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