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It’s All Gonna Be Ok, My Dad’s Here

By Mo Mydlo

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. We have been doing an owner/builder addition on our house to make room for all of God’s blessings and the work He has for us to do.

We are on the home stretch and I have to be honest, my patience and energy in the natural has hit the road.

I love hard work, don’t get me wrong, but this girl is wore out.

We literally have checked off a to-do list a mile long; but these last few check marks have been draining Tommy and I truthfully.

Then, this morning I said “Tommy, we need to pray together before you go to work.”We went in a quiet room and let God know we need Him.

Then, miraculously, our moods changed... and within minutes my Daddies showed up.. both of them.

God poured His supernatural grace over me and I found myself setting up paint rollers excitedly. Tommy left for work and my Dad drove in with his crew to hang the ceiling.

Oh y’all, there’s something comforting about a Dad who never leaves you to bear burdens alone and always shows up. So many in this world aren’t blessed with that in the natural. But, we all have that in our Daddy God!

God always comes when we call. He always hears when we pray and He always has our back.

So, this morning I’m heading out to paint excited. We are almost done and the best part of it is, both my Dads are here and they always give me peace.

Happy Tuesday y’all,

I’m fin to paint.

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