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That's Someone's Baby

By: Mo Mydlo

I birthed three boys so I have watched my share of football. I can’t say I understand all of it, but I can hold my own with the basics.

I was thinking today as Tommy Mydlo and I were decorating the house for Christmas and Eli Mydlo was watching Saturday afternoon college football, “Every one of those young men are someone’s baby.”

Every one of those hits, blocks and tackles are not only being felt by those on the field but by those who are holding them up in prayer and holding their breath until they walk out of the pile of 200-300 pound men layered on top of him.

Every one of those players who make their way to a field so we can watch them on ESPN were carpooled to local parks and schools for years, usually during the time that many of us are putting dinner on the table and sitting down to relax.

Every one of those players missed out on some friend’s birthday parties and some family get togethers and holidays because of games and practices.

Every one of these parents have sacrificed sleep, finances, and the warmth of a building or the comfort of AC to make sure their sons can live their dream to play football in college and potentially the Pros.

Every one of those boys have aunts and uncles and grandparents who think they hung the moon and miss seeing them in between visits.

The truth is, no one thinks about the sacrifices made by these men. They just judge their performance as if they have walked in their shoes or could do what they do everyday.

I‘m weepy, thankful to God for my nephew Wyatt Rector’s hard work, dedication and sacrifices he’s made as a soon to be graduate of FSU. He was given the honor of special teams captain this year and he’s truly made us all so proud of how he has shined for Jesus in this role.

I know my sister Annie Rector and Brother in Law Clay are over the moon thankful for God’s protection of Wyatt during his college career and leading up to it.

I guess I wanted to say, I look at football players and other athletes with a different heart now. They all are somebody’s baby.

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