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Shackled to Love

by Mo Mydlo

Have you ever thought of being a Prisoner for the Lord? It’s not something that’s talked about a lot as we prefer as Christians to talk about our freedoms and casting our cares on The Lord. But, we can’t ignore that The Word of God tells us to be a Prisoner for the Lord. What does that entail? It’s a whole different depiction of the word prisoner than what we are used to. The Bible talks about being a prisoner of The Lord, a Prisoner of Hope and a slave to righteousness. Though slave and prisoner aren’t always words we love, in these instances they are words that contain the utmost potentials for peace we will ever experience. As a Prisoner for The Lord we have decided our flesh does not get to lead; our Spirit does. A Prisoner for the Lord and a Prisoner of Hope is shackled to peace. Peace and love become our master when our freedom to throw fits and demand our own ways get denied. A Prisoner for the Lord lives a humble, gentle, patient, loving, life, pursuing peace and unity at all costs. A Prisoner for the Lord lives a life of gratefulness for finally being able to experience true freedom for the first time ever. The world and all of its fleeting pleasures will NEVER fulfill us like a life lived as a servant of Jesus. When God is the Boss, our lives finally make sense. Living as a prisoner of The Lord is a choice. We can keep trying to find an escape plan in demanding our own ways; complaining about the details, or going about the motions, or we can submit to God’s Leadership and finally find lasting freedom. In doing so we are protected by the Lover of our souls. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’m submitting. I am done demanding my rights. I have decided to trust The Lord. I’m allowing Him to shackle me to His love. I never want to break free from Him.

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