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Sent by Jesus

By Mo Mydlo

I love how Paul opens up Galatians. “Paul, an apostle-sent not from men, nor by man, but by Jesus Christ!

Paul knew where his calling came from and where his direction should be coming from, God!

Paul even knows how he identifies! He identifies as a Bond-Slave to Jesus. There’s nothing pretentious or confused about that calling. Paul knew he was called for a purpose and that purpose had to be protected for him to be obedient.

We all have to protect our calling. We have to protect our calling from sin, from worldliness, from confusion and even from people.

People will try to manipulate the called sometimes for their own purpose. Those that are in ministry have to protect their time, their talent and their treasure from being manipulated by man.

If Bond-Slaves of Jesus aren’t careful, they can fall into the bondage of people pleasing and busyness. They can easily become burnt out, on the alter of “another good thing”.

It is up to us to recognize like Paul did that if we were still trying to please men we could not be a servant of Christ. Dying to our fleshly tendancies to people-please is crucial for all of God’s people.

The most important thing is the gospel, the truth about Jesus Christ. We have been called to share the gospel. Sometimes this is in words, sometimes this is in actions, but it’s never in constant busyness.

Tasks are important. People are important. To-do lists are important. But, the most important thing is time with Jesus. If you recognize anything in your life stealing your time with Jesus, cut back. We have to be pruned in order to produce fruit.

I am a bond-slave to Jesus. Not man.

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