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Good Friday

by Mo Mydlo

I’m sitting here wondering what everyone is doing today?

What does the world do on Good Friday?

I got up, had my quiet time with The Lord, went out on the mower for a few hours, and then came in and watched some Christian television. We have plans to attend a Good Friday service after dinner.

I'm sitting here thinking, “Does the world know why the banks are closed? Does the world know why most kids aren’t in school? Does the world know?

You couldn’t possibly live in this country for any amount of time and not have heard the name Jesus.

Jesus saves; is on billboards. I know you’ve seen it, even if you didn’t understand what He saves us from. Church buildings have paintings on their walls and stained glass depictions of Jesus walking with and caring for young children. There are crucifixion paintings as well. Certainly, those who don’t follow Jesus have seen these things at weddings or funerals.

But, what does the world make of Good Friday? I guess my question is, “What have you done with Jesus?”

What will you do with Jesus?

Is He just a “Good Person, Prophet, or Teacher?” Is He just a historical figure that you read about in your Religious Studies class in college? Is He the cop-out weak-minded people lean on to feel good about handling their messed up lives? Are these the boxes you have put Jesus in?

If so…may I please get a moment of your time? I mean, you have time right? Some of you even have the day off.

Let me tell you what Good Friday is.

Let me tell you why it’s good.

Good Friday is good because we aren’t good.

The Bible (which is 100% factually, proven truth) says that “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!”

So, you, me, everyone alive, have sinned.

We were born into sin.

It’s in our DNA until we are given new DNA at our re-birth.

When God made the first man and woman, they were not flawed or sinful and they were able to walk and talk with God, until they disobeyed God, then that day in the garden of Eden, they became sinners, and they no longer could be in perfect relationship with God anymore. Sin became part of them, and it was passed down to us, ALL OF US.

Since God is Perfect! Since God is flawless! Since God is Holy, we could never be in right relationship with God unless we became perfect, righteous, and holy. That could only take place by a blood sacrifice that would cover our sins.

Before Jesus was born, blood sacrifices of animals presented only by priests had to be made over and over and over and the second you messed up again, another sacrifice was required.

That is until God chose to send His Perfect, Spotless, Holy Son to Earth to live as one of us, experience everything that we experience, be tempted in every way we are tempted. Yet, NEVER sin.

Jesus came as a baby, grew up as a Jewish believer, studying the Jewish Law and the Prophets, lived a life 100% fulfilling all of the Old Testament Prophecies that told of the birth, life and death, and resurrection of The Messiah, the Savior of the World.

Jesus, came to fulfill the Law.

He came to redeem the world from the curse of sin.

He came to redeem us from slavery to sin.

He came to save us from slavery to Satan’s rule and reign in our lives.

The truth is. We belong to our father the devil until we choose to accept our adoption as sons and daughters of God, by accepting the only way to enter into this relationship, secure our place in Heaven, and begin to live a life of freedom, through the Perfect Sacrifice Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to Earth knowing He had to die for us.

He knew the price He had to pay. He knew He had to give His life. He had to shed His blood. The sacrifice required a blood covering for our sin to be covered.

We could NEVER….. on our best days here on Earth. EVER… be good enough. There is no, “good enough”to get into Heaven and escape Hell when we die which is exactly where everyone who neglects accepting Jesus here on Earth will be going. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. You choose Hell when you deny Jesus.

You choose Heaven or Hell.

There is no other choice. God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, you choose it yourself if you don’t choose Christ.

Oh, and God doesn’t share His throne with anyone and doesn’t allow mixtures in His Kingdom.

It’s Jesus plus nothing!

Oh, Jesus plus nothing equals everything!

Anything without Jesus equals nothing.

If you are still with me, I am sure you’re getting the drift.

You must choose Jesus to be saved.

Because God gave up everything to save you from Hell. He gave up His best! He allowed His Son to suffer and die for you! He allowed it for me! So….. because God gave His best, He is not ok with you not accepting His best, His Son.

Good Friday is good for us.

But make no mistake about it, Jesus couldn’t have felt it was good that day on Calvary when He hung on a cross for hours in agony, fulfilling the plan of redemption for us. It wasn’t good for Him.

But, The Bible says “for the joy set before Him, He endured. He scorned its shame.”

Jesus did what He had to do, for you and me to be with God.

So, it wasn’t good, but He pressed on for our good. Thank you Jesus.

Christ lived, died, rose again three days later….. Oh ya, by the way, Good Friday is really good for us Christians, because we know the ending of the story. We know what happens Easter morning. Talk about a happy ending! Oh…. Don’t even get me started about Easter! Or Resurrection Day as we like to call it.


Here is the reader's digest version.

Christ died to save sinners, of whom we are the worst!

He died for us.

He rose again.

All we have to do is accept Him! Believe in Him! Follow Him!

He did the hard work. We get Heaven. We get to be with God. We get eternal life in peace, joy, love, no suffering, no pain, no more tears, sorrow, sickness, aging…..

Jesus died for us. We get the inheritance of Heaven with Him.

It’s a ridiculously undeserved gift we never could repay God for.

We’ve been saved by grace, through faith, not by any works.

Jesus did the hard work. We simply must accept His love.

So, what will you do with Jesus?

Today is Good Friday.

Will you make it really good and accept Him as Lord today? Will you pray this prayer, “Father God, I am a sinner. I repent of my sins. Please forgive me. I need a Savior! I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I believe He rose from the dead. Today, I choose to follow You! Today I say, Jesus is Lord!”

Will you pray it? Did you pray it? If so, you are saved and….

You’ll never be the same.

Thank you Jesus for the blood.

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