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God Wants You to Speak

by Mo Mydlo

Two days ago I spoke at a MOPS group in town. I was standing at my book table waiting to go up to speak and a lady walked up to me and said “You may not remember me, but I met you at a park. You told me I needed to find a MOPS group. I found this one. Now I have all of these friends, we come here for church and my kids go to school. When I saw your picture that you were speaking, I said: “I know her”.

Oh friends, I don’t want to ever forget this conversation. I'm so tempted sometimes not to speak to people out in public and to just go about my daily business. But, God wants to use our mouths. He wants us to invite people to church. He wants us to talk to lonely moms at the park. He wants us loving people everywhere we go so He can make the connections He wants to for them.

God could do it without us, but He allows us to be part of others’ redemption stories. Why would we want to miss out on that? How can they believe in the One of Whom they have not heard? Meet a stranger today and tell them about our Jesus.

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