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Discipline Must Be Guided By Truth

by Mo Mydlo

2 Peter 1:10 says “Be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure.”

This scripture spoke to me today in a whole new way. The Word has a way of doing that since it is living and active and breathing.

God showed me that discipline can be used for good and it can be used for evil, just like everything in this world. We obviously know that to live a disciplined life is a goal for the righteous. We are to train ourselves to be godly. We are to watch our lives closely and to make sure we live according to God‘s standards. We are to make every effort to live holy. In these ways, discipline is a necessary trait and pursuit.

This morning I thought about forgiveness. We are to discipline ourselves to forgive our transgressors if we want God’s forgiveness. Well, what if our flesh has disciplined itself to remain hard-hearted no matter the repentance that our transgressor has displayed, the remorse they feel or even the spiritual consequences we will face, not forgiving. I felt like God showed me that even the most disciplined person, if not consistently disciplining themselves in accordance with God’s black and white standards which is in the Word of God, can be allowing their flesh to rule and be disciplined through a hard heart.

Oh friends, a hardened heart is a dangerous place to be. An inability to forgive someone is a breeding ground for destruction. The devil works so hard to discipline our flesh toward hard-heartedness. We MUST take our stand against the enemy's schemes and do all that we can to keep our hearts soft, pliable, and able to hear the voice and prompting of Holy Spirit.

An inability to forgive steals marriages, breaks up families, steals testimonies, and hurts the Kingdom. Forgiveness is a vital part of the Christian walk. Jesus said, “Forgive and you will be forgiven.” Oh my friend, I need God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness, therefore I actively pursue forgiveness daily toward others. I cannot risk God holding me accountable for my sins. They are too great.

We must allow discipline to remain a godly tool and not a weapon the devil uses against us. Who needs your forgiveness today? Let God help you keep your heart soft. Use discipline to worship God in Spirit and in Truth until forgiveness comes.

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