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A Good Watering

by Mo Mydlo

Yesterday I went out to work in the garden. Tommy Mydlo and I have been running and running in ministry for a couple weeks with back to back events and needs.

It felt good to have my garden shoes and gloves on and to be listening to my country gospel music as I worked.

I had three large bean plants that had finished producing and it was time to yank them out and trim them back.

As I worked, I realized how dry my garden was. I thought to myself, this is so strange that it is so dry this soon after the hurricane. Then God revealed two lessons to me.

1)God is so merciful. He has poured out beautiful dry days the past week and a half to help Florida recover from the flooding and devastation. Our neighbors at the coast are needing all the help they can get to recover and return to a new normal. God is never absent in our trials. He is in the storm with us.

2) You can’t rely on one hard rain to water for weeks. Watering a garden is a day by day chore. Just like the Bible refers to money being earned little by little to grow, gardens thrive being tended to little by little.

And, so does our soul.

One trip to church on Sunday isn’t enough to keep your soul clean and fresh and pure. We need a daily washing of the Word of God and time with Him daily in prayer to keep ourselves free from the hands of the enemy and the withering of our soul.

Sunday morning is great, but it’s not enough to produce fruit. Fruit comes from everyday tending to the garden of our hearts.

The Word says to “abide in Him and we will produce fruit”. Abiding means staying! Abiding means living. Abiding means day after day.

The disciples knew in order to get the gospel out to the whole world they needed day after day fellowship, prayer, teaching and encouraging. This hasn’t changed. We are living in a world filled with dry bones that need to be breathed on by Holy Spirit so that that they receive new life in Jesus.

Y’all, Sunday is great and highly important! But, what about today?

Who needs a good watering of your love, prayer and support today? Have you first gone to Him for yours? Don’t wait for a big storm to get close to Him.

Look to the Sun (Son) Today!

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