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Does it break your heart as a parent to watch your child worry? We know from God's Word that we are not supposed to be anxious about anything, so why are our little ones biting their nails and complaining of tummy aches because of over-active thinking? Mo Mydlo has a heart for children that struggle with anxiety. Mo was a worried child at one time and now that she is a wife, mother, ordained minister and published author it is her heart's desire to see every child free from the burdens of anxiety. In Building Joy you will find 20 practical techniques that will help your child break free from fear once and for all. Building Joy is an interactive nighttime bible study for children and their loved ones to work through together as they develop healthy thinking patterns and ways to overcome negative ones. Mo Mydlo is not a doctor or a psychiatrist, she is simply a lover of God's Word, a mother herself and a receiver of that peace that passes all understanding. She believes that the best lessons in life are those lessons taught by the people that have already walked that road and are better because of it. Won’t you decide today to help your loved ones build more joy?

Building Joy by Mo Mydlo

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