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Mo Mydlo

Executive Director

Mo Mydlo is a wife, mother of four (4), mimi to one (1), and follower of Jesus who resides in central Florida. Mo is a nationally published author, TV personality, speaker and non-profit founder. Her book Overcoming Anxiety: Your Biblical Guide to Breaking Free from Fear and Worry was released by Charisma Media in October of 2015 and was also made into a 7-Day Bible study plan on the YouVersion Bible app with over 100,000 completions. Her newest Bible study curriculum on the Book of Joshua titled “Unforsaken: A Walk with Joshua Into Your Promised Land” is now available for churches and women’s groups to incorporate into their bible study programming to help women break free of sin and spiritual bondage.
In addition to writing and teaching, Mo directs the not-for-profit organization she founded called Unforsaken Women Corporation. The name of the ministry was birthed from the Scripture in Joshua 1:5 when the Lord says, “I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Unforsaken Women’s goal is to help women renew their minds in the Word of God while helping meet the physical needs of women and children. Partnership with support ministries allows Unforsaken Women to provide aid to single moms, widows, and impoverished children in Haiti. We are partnering with Priority One Worldwide to help Haiti as well as partnering with Gospel for Asia to get evangelists on the ground in a much-needed area for the gospel to be shared. Locally, Unforsaken Women hosts a monthly, community-wide, interdenominational women’s event where Mo always delivers a powerful message. Mo is a dynamic speaker and a practical teacher whose love of Jesus overflows into her passion to help others know they are also Unforsaken!

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