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The A-Z of Caring for Your Home and Family 

Times continue to change drastically for new wives and mothers. Many women find themselves seeking for wisdom anywhere they can find it where raising their family is concerned. There are so many different opinions at our fingertips to choose from. It is often overwhelming for us. In years past, the extended family lived with or within walking distance of other relatives, giving them the encouragement, education and confidence they required to raise Godly children. Unfortunately, this is rare today. In the book of Titus, God specifically calls the older woman to teach these young women how to live righteously as wives and mothers. Will you allow an experienced wife and mother to meet you at the clothes line and share these truths with you? Written in a simple A to Z fashion for busy wives and mothers, each letter of the alphabet represents a life lesson easily applicable to everyday life.

Notes from a Titus Woman by Mo Mydlo

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