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There is no doubt that though we are loved and cherished by God, He allows us to face trials that will strengthen our faith. Persecution, struggles and trials teach us perspective. In the twenty-second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we see Jesus talking to the Apostle Peter about Satan’s desire to “sift him like wheat.” Nothing will grow you up spiritually and make you run to the feet of Jesus for strength and courage like hitting your human bottom. Nothing will make you cry, “Abba, Father!” like feeling lonely, afflicted and forgotten. I am here to be your Peter. I am here to strengthen my sisters as you face trials of your own. I believe that a companion in times of joy - as well as in times of troubles - is a blessing from God. To have a friend that will say, “Been there, done that” can sometimes just give us that extra boost to hold on longer. I pray that your faith is strengthened on this journey, and I pray that you develop a love for Jesus that surpasses any love that you have ever felt or experienced here on earth.

Love, Mo

I Go Before You by Mo Mydlo

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