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You Would Forget

by Mo Mydlo

Yesterday was a hormonal day. I have to be honest, this time of life can kick my emotional butt some days. I have been working hard with my doctor to get all of my adrenals in check. She has helped me dial in some amazing supplements

to help with brain chemicals as well.

I’ve been serious about doing the things I am supposed to do, in order to keep emotionally level. I’ve been walking, eating healthy, taking my vitamins and such. Go figure, even though I have been doing what’s right, I still had some tough anxiety yesterday.

I felt God say, “Walk it off.” So I started out on a prayer walk. I began breathing and walking and I asked God like a brat, “Why can’t you just take this away? I’m doing what my doctor told me to do. Why am I still needing to do all the hard work?”

Am I being too real, saying I just wanted a quick fix yesterday? I just wanted God to supernaturally lift any anxiety before it would ever come near me. That’s what my flesh wanted.

God said “Mo, you are going to have to always renew your mind, everyday, from now until Heaven.”

I literally asked “Why?”

He said, “Because Just like you have already forgotten the 4 guitar chords you taught yourself a year ago because you stopped practicing, you would forget you need Me if I healed you supernaturally.”

Oh friend, He is right.

When I don’t have a headache, I don’t pray for healing.

When I don’t have a deadline, I don’t pray for focus.

When I don’t need provision, I don’t pray for supply.

If God supernaturally took my anxiety away without me needing His Word daily to focus on and renew my mind; I would assume my vitamins healed my levels, and I would forget to worship The One Who is my real Healer!

We so often worship the created and forget The Creator.

So…. I thank God for my daily practice casting my cares, keeping my mind focused on Christ and renewing my mind in The Word of God.

I thank God I have to practice. So I never forget about my Jesus.

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