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Work At Love

by Mo Mydlo

I love work. I love physical labor. I love a before and after, hands on project. I love sweating. Weird to some I know. It’s just who God made me. Because this is how I am wired, I love serving people but sometimes this can be a liability as I don’t have a really good shut off switch. I sort of serve until I struggle. I don’t struggle physically, I struggle mentally. When I am tired I believe lies easy. I regress to insecure feelings and emotions. I don’t think right when I have served too long without a brain rest. I heard God say to me Wednesday morning, “work at love.” Oh y’all, God knew I knew what He meant. He was trying to show me I get hung up on worrying about the details of ministry that I struggle doing the whole reason of ministry, simply loving. God’s Word tells us to love God and love people, and when we do this, we show ourselves as disciples of Jesus. Love is truly the only work we must do. Work at Love. How do we do this? Well, after my two day brain rest, sitting at home soaking in God’s presence and His Word, I think I have a little clue. Work at love takes work. Working at love means: Forgiving others immediately. Not just forgiving, forgetting. That’s what God does. So we need to. Work at love means reaching out. Sending a nice note or making a phone call to have an old fashioned real talk. Work at love means, tell others how much you love them. Encourage them. Pray for them. Truly, truly, pray for them. Don’t just say you will. Oh y’all. Work at love means, trying to be Jesus to a world that doesn’t understand unconditional love. Work at love means that we do pretty much the opposite of what our flesh desires everyday. Work at Love means, do The Word, don’t just read the Word. Oh y’all, I have a lot of work to do to get to this point. But, turns out it’s a whole different kind of work than I do most of the time. I thank God I’m not alone learning this. Never, no never. I am Unforsaken. So are you.

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