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True Riches

By Mo Mydlo

I decided to weed the garden today. Lately it has been tough to get myself out in the garden as often, as the animals get top priority on my chores list. But, today I had a couple hours to spare so I put on my work gloves and got on my knees to yank and pull.

I saw this lotto ticket laying in the garden. I guess one of the workers on our addition on our house must have dropped it out of their pockets or cars. I know this since it’s been decades since I’ve bought a lotto ticket. Why? Well, the ugly gambling stronghold has been something that my DNA seems to be accustomed to grabbing onto easily and I’m not taking my chances with that gamble itself, if you know what I mean.

I thought to myself, how ironic that this little “get rich quick” paper is sitting right under a lemon that had taken me almost a year to cultivate and is now ready to pick.

I’ve been so tempted to pick it early out of impatience, but as long as there is a hue of green on it, I’m waiting.

What discipline it takes to wait. I’m realizing how impatient I am waiting for fruits and veggies to ripen, waiting for my chickens to finish moulting so they will consistently lay again, and how long it takes for every area of our addition to be finished so I can call for inspections and move to the next step.

I struggle with waiting in the natural. Kind of like how whoever bought this lotto ticket was probably tired of waiting for their money earned little by little to grow.

But, how much sweeter is the fruit when we wait? How much more satisfying is the project when the work going into it has been hard? How much more stable we are at handling the blessing when God allowed us to use our hands to bring it into being.

The truth is, fruit picked too soon is bitter.

Construction without good foundations won’t stand the test of storms.

And, unearned money dwindles away.

These are spiritual lessons God teaches us everyday.

What will we do with these lessons?

As for me, I’m going to keep weeding.

Because, I think when I’m done, my afternoon rest will feel all the sweeter.

That nap feels like true riches to me.

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