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The Problem With Martha

by Mo Mydlo

I bounce back and forth from relating to Mary and Martha. Unfortunately, lately, I’ve been acting a lot like Martha. I know a lot of us task-oriented people wonder, “what’s the problem with Martha?” She seems like such a hard worker. Doesn’t God honor hard work? Of course, He does. But, Martha has a way of moving from Godly diligence, into self-righteousness and prayerlessness and those two areas make us susceptible to the enemy.

My “What if’s?” Come out in full force when I’m acting like Martha. Do I recognize it at the time? Nope! It’s gradual. I begin pressing instead of praying. I’m fighting my flesh and crucifying it constantly when I’m in Martha Mode. Fear becomes more of a driving force, and I don’t even know I’m heading down that road until I stop long enough and wait for God’s response to why I am not in peace.

It’s like He talks to me just like He did Martha. “Mo, Mo, you are worried and upset about many things. I want you to choose what’s better. Me!”

Y’all, prayerlessness leads to bondage.

I quickly fall into the bondage of “doing instead of being” when I have neglected my prayer life.

Oh, I’m praying all day over and over, “Help me, Jesus.” But, when I have diligently worked at being like Mary and not Martha, my prayers all day are more like “Thank you, Jesus.” Peace follows keeping the main thing the main thing.

When we get out of order, the enemy of our soul has a heyday. Peace resides right at Jesus’ feet. Right where Mary was.

Thank You Lord for bringing me back to your feet today. You’re truly all I need.

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