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The Gift of Forgiveness

By Mo Mydlo

The message I gave at the Unforsaken Christmas was titled “A very-Non-Dramatic Birth”

I pretty much focused on humility.

Jesus was born in such a humble way. He lived such a humble life. He put humility before honor over and over.

Part of forgiving others requires a humble spirit. Pride says “hold it!” Pride says “make them pay!” Pride says “They don’t deserve your forgiveness”. Where do we see this in scripture?

Actually, in scripture we see over and over, forgive and you will be forgiven.

As I ponder this, I realize we need to constantly be humbling ourselves if we want to freely forgive so we can be forgiven. Pride is our enemy. He pretends He has our best interest at heart when really, He has in mind, destruction. The Word says “Pride comes before destruction.”

I’m a grace and forgiveness needer, so I’m a grace and forgiveness giver. I need God’s forgiveness. I mess up royally. I’m not about to forfeit Kingdom benefits by holding onto pride and unforgiveness.

This Christmas, maybe forget the gift cards and give the gift of forgiveness to someone who needs it. It’s actually a gift you’re giving yourself. It’s miraculous really. God can’t help Himself. He always outgives us.

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