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Quit Spinning

Updated: Mar 24

By Mo Mydlo

Do you remember spinning and spinning when you were little until you couldn’t walk straight and fell down.

Something in us as kids liked that feeling of dizziness. It made us giggle and laugh.

Then we become adults and we can’t even ride the tea cups at Disney or swing too long on the swingset or vertigo or nausea sits in. It’s almost like God wants us to grow up and stop spinning.

It’s the same with our thinking.

We can be attacked with a nasty thought or worry and we can choose to let our minds be governed by that thought or we can take that thought captive and make it obedient to God. We can spin and spin obsessively or we can get off the crazy merry go round and walk straight in His truth.

We have to let The Spirit govern our thoughts, otherwise we start spinning.

This morning I woke up a little frazzled in my thoughts. I was obsessing over a few details until I got into The Word and God spoke about two truths to me that put me back in alignment.

After I began my reading and prayer He softly said “stop spinning.”

I journaled the things I was worrying about and scribbled them out to show God I trusted Him with my everything.

Oh y’all, we have to let The Spirit rule and govern our minds. If not they spin on tangents until we fall down in nausea and exhaustion.

Do you need a reminder today to stop spinning?

God has us.

We can trust Him.

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