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Only God

by Mo Mydlo

Lately I have felt convicted in my Spirit to make my prayer time less selfish and more about honoring God.

I recognized in my journals that even though I was thanking God for a ton of things, and recognizing that every good thing comes from Him, all of these things affected my life in some way.

This morning, I went out on my prayer swing and just thanked Him for Who He is, What He has created and all of His being.

My prayers were more like:

Thank You for love.

Thank You for unending grace.

Thank You for your creation.

Thank You for trees.

Thank You for mountains.

Thank You for the ocean.

Thank You for the sunrise.

Thank You for your Word.

Thank You for mercy.

Thank You that your mercies are new each day.

Thank You for dying on the cross, being victorious over death, and for resurrecting.

Thank You for the blood.

Thank You for Heaven.

Thank You for sending Holy Spirit.

Thank You for being You God.

You know, even though every one of these praises were focused on honoring God, because He is so good and loving and merciful and caring and perfect; everyone of these things still affect us in a wonderful way. He can’t help but love us like that.

He can’t not be that way. He’s God.

Oh Father God, in the Name of Jesus, we honor You, and only You. Because of Who you are, we give you praise.

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