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New Birth

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

By Mo Mydlo

I used to say there is nothing more miraculous and beautiful than the birth of a baby. But, this year I’ve seen a miracle that even tops conception, pregnancy and childbirth. That miracle is New Birth.

I’ve witnessed firsthand this year the most incredible new birth in Jesus Christ than I have ever seen. I’ve seen my sister resurrected from the grave of addiction. I’ve seen Jesus shine this year.

A year ago my sister was not with us for Mother’s Day. She went away for 6 months to get her body healthy, but she received much more than health. She found a new life. She found Jesus in all His beauty and He chose to abide in her and make her whole.

The change in my sister cannot be described in human terms. She’s not a better Cheryl Demeree, she’s a new Cheryl. She’s one of the most beautiful humans I know right now. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s what 1 Peter 3 says is a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus.

My sister is new. She’s beautiful and she’s inspiring and she makes me want to be more like Jesus everyday. Praise To the God and Father or our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for this Mother’s Day pic at church this year.

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