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Never underestimate a great garage sale find!

By Mo Mydlo

I talked someone into selling me this swing for $20 at a garage sale probably 16 years ago. It’s been painted, oiled, this is the third cushion and it’s been moved in different areas at different times of year to be able to nap on no matter the weather. It is my Secret Place with Jesus. Most of my books have been penned there, most of my morning devotions take place there. I’ve taken many bible app naps there. I would start listening to Galatians and wake up in James. I’ve cuddled my hubby on here, I’ve visited with friends on here. I’ve had talks with my kids on here. I’ve snuggled my grands on here. God has given me visions and dreams while rocking and talking to Him on this swing. Today, this swing rocked me peacefully through a short little rest time in The Word. To say that I love this swing is a major understatement. I guess I’m just feeling sentimental today. Never underestimate a great garage sale find!

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