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Never Alone!

I woke up today excited. God said to me, “It’s you and me today, kid.” Oh how I love these days. Me and God, walking and talking all day. Because we don’t live in Eden, there are some things I need God for right now and I am thankful for a full day with my Mighty Counselor. As I went out on my first prayer walk, I couldn’t help but feel God show me all of His beautiful animals and insects and things of nature that we so often overlook. The cows across the street made me giggle as they were all standing about 30 feet from each other eating. Cows are herd animals, and they usually hang out together, so when I looked at them I asked God, “Did they get the social distance memo or something?” Nope, I think they were just all happy to have their own little grassy area to enjoy today. Then, I walked further and a bird was perched on a line up above me. Since I understand nature, I moved out from under it, if you know what I mean. Didn’t need any drops from Heaven at that moment. The bird followed me with his eyes. Then on the fence post next to me sat a lizard who did the same. As I faced forward I saw my dog Hady, turned around looking at me like “ummmm… I don’t have all day. I have a farm to run. Keep walking.” My heart felt such joy as I knew God was listening to my prayers, letting me roll my burdens onto His shoulders again. It was Him reminding me that He has the whole world in His hands. He can handle my cares and He will never leave me alone to bear anything without Him. Friend, what are you holding onto that needs to be left out in the pasture with God. He can handle it. He cares for the birds. Aren’t you more important to Him then the birds?❤️🌺🙏

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