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Lay Down Your Day

What does this scripture mean to you? It means sacrifice to me. Not necessarily sacrificing your life for someone, but what if we actually chose to sacrifice our days for others? What if loving like Jesus means picking up someone else’s agenda for the day and laying yours down?

Marriage requires this often. Tommy Mydlo lays his agenda down and picks up a hammer or drill quite often for me. I know this man is a gift. I don’t take him for granted. I cherish him.

Tommy knew we needed a stantion built to secure Elsa so he and I can milk her properly, so instead of fulfilling probably 50 other desires he had for his Saturday, he head out to the barn to work.

Love lays their agenda down and picks up the agenda of others.

Love invites others over even if the house gets messy.

Love wakes up with the baby so your spouse can get a couple extra minutes of sleep.

Love makes the coffee for each other.

Love grabs a towel for you when you forgot to bring one in the bathroom.

Love, true Jesus like love, sacrifices sleep, comfort, time and treasure for others.

Love says yes, more than it says no.

My Tommy, is a man after God’s own heart. He loves me like Jesus asks him to.

He won my heart 30 some years ago and the poor guy hasn’t got much rest since. I love my man.

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