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It’s OK to have a lot of Dont’s in life.

By Mo Mydlo

As I was getting out of the shower today I felt God say, “It’s ok to have a lot of dont’s in life.”

I started thinking about some “don’ts that can truly bless our lives. Imagine if we lived by all of these?

Keep in mind these are in no particular order. Just going to let God drop them in my Spirit.

Don’t stop loving.

Don’t complain.

Don’t let bitterness creep in.

Don’t make anyone feel embarrassed.

Don’t think you’re better than anyone.

Don’t love the things of this world.

Don’t give a hoot about money. Then you’ll have what you need.

Don’t stop working hard.

Don’t stop learning.

Don’t lie

Don’t cheat

Don’t steal.

Don’t hate.

Don’t murder.

Don’t be jealous.

Don’t commit adultery.

Don’t look down on the young.

Don’t try to be the smartest person in the room.

Don’t be harsh.

Don’t be rude

Don’t be critical

Don’t tell secrets or ask anyone to keep any.

Don’t gossip

Don’t ever question the worth of a good name

Don’t beLittle anyone

Don’t ever be mean to an animal.

Don’t be mean in general.

Don’t water down truth.

Don’t drink

Don’t do drugs

Don’t judge other people’s convictions, mind your own.

Don’t stop praying! Ever!

Don’t stop reading God’s Word. Ever!

Don’t calculate a situation without God.

Don’t stop asking God.

Don’t stop seeking Him.

Don’t stop growing. You’ve never arrived.

Don’t scroll your life away.

Don’t let others determine your worth.

Don’t give up on anyone.

Don’t follow the crowd unless it’s to Heaven.

Don’t stop mentoring.

Don’t stop discipling.

Don’t stop empowering others .

Don’t be sarcastic (ugly trait)

Don’t sleep your life away but don’t lose the love of a good nap.

Don’t wear yourself out to get rich.

Don’t make for yourself any idols, or little gods! God is God. Period!

Don’t be impatient

Don’t ever lose hope.

Don’t ever lose your spiritual ferver.

Don’t let Satan deceive you. Know the truth. He speaks none of it.

Don’t give up.

Don’t say “can’t!”

Don’t let fear stop you. Let it propel you.

Don’t stop giving thanks.

Don’t ever think you are entitled.

Don’t be prideful

Don’t stop listening.

Don’t ignore that still small voice.

Don’t stop telling the world about Jesus until you meet Him face to face.

I think this could go on for days.

Don’t be afraid to have a lot of don’ts in life.

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