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"It's going to rain. In Jesus' Name"

By Mo Mydlo

We spent some nice time out at the pool today and as I was picking up the pool area I took a look at the dry lawn, and a couple gray clouds in the sky I began praying for rain.

I said “God, in the Name of Jesus, send rain on our weary land and help aid my well to keep providing water for us.”

I said “Lord, may we be like a tree planted by streams of water.” Then I remembered I needed to call a few things into remembrance. I said “Clouds do what you are supposed to do in Jesus Name.” I prayed for maybe 10 minutes on the porch swing.

Wind began to pick up, and I spoke “It’s going to rain. In Jesus Name.”

Yall, I went into my garage and sat to relax and paint.

It started feeling a bit warm in the garage so I opened the back door, and there it was…. rain, falling on my back deck. I worshiped the Lord in thankfulness as I listened to the rain hit the metal roof and then the driveway.

What a beautiful sound to listen to as the wind blew through to garage cooling me.

I sat and painted, then headed upstairs for dinner and this beautiful bow was in the sky. This beautiful reminder that God made everything in this Earth beautiful and He gave it to us to enjoy and to have dominion over.

We can speak to mountains and tell them to move and if our faith is lined up correctly, we will see what we have asked for.

His love is so tangible y’all, we simply must see Him in everything and remember it’s Him. It’s nothing but Him. We honor Him when we remember Him.

He keeps His promises. Thank you God for your rain. You make all things new.

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