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If Not You? Who?

by Mo Mydlo

Did you read the first line? You’ve been chosen; chosen to know and believe and understand who God is.

Why does He say, believe Him and not say, believe in Him? Well, even the demons believe in God and shudder. God doesn’t just want us believing in Him, He wants us believing Him.

Believing Him for our breakthroughs, our healing, our peace and our ministries. God has plans and purposes for us and those plans include telling as many as we can about Him. Those plans only come to pass if we believe Him for them.

What hinders us?

Our own insecurity, our own failure to forgive ourselves, our own pride. You say, “oh I’m not prideful, I don’t even like myself.” Well, do you know that’s pride? Self-loathing can be some of the most selfish and prideful living there is. You’re focused on yourself all the time. Believe me; I’ve been there. It’s the most selfish place you can be.

If we don’t recognize the call on our lives as witnesses for Jesus, people continue to go to Hell everyday, who needed to know that The Ancient of Days loves them and wants them to receive His love.

When He says “apart from Me, there is no Savior,” that includes all the false saviors people run to in life trying to fill up their God-shaped hole in their hearts.

Money won’t save! Power won’t save! The government won’t save! People won’t save! Good works won’t save! Only Jesus Saves!

If we don’t share Him, who will?

We are His witnesses. We are His chosen ones.

If not us, who?

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