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God wants us saying “I need YOU!”

By Mo Mydlo

Yesterday I asked Eli Mydlo to pray for me. I’m so thankful for a praying son.

I had anxiety come over me yesterday and the first thing I did was try to call Tommy Mydlo to just talk so I could forget what I was stressing over. Then he didn’t answer so I tried to talk to Sara Holder. She didn’t answer. I heard Holy Spirit ask. “What about Me?”

I was instantly convicted and realized I’m here again. I’m so busy working for God, I’m not running to Him.

The truth is, God is different than humans. Humans have an expiration date on their mercy. They can hear about your issues and troubles only so many times and they are like “enough already, get over this.”

Not God! He wants us growing but He knows we only grow up when we remain in Him!

God wants us saying “I need YOU!” He wants us to go to Him every time we get anxious, no matter how old we are as Christians.

God desires that we need Him.

We are prisoners of Hope.

When we think we are old enough in the Spirit to handle all that life throws at us on our own, we are acting like Pharisees.

We can dodge sin as we serve and serve and serve…. But, our peace somehow alludes us when we aren’t marching with Jesus as our Armor Bearer.

I asked Eli to pray that I remember to always go to Jesus first! He’s my Strongtower I run to and am safe.

Don’t ever think, you can do this life without Him!

He wants in on all your business. You are His business. You are His loves. Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope.

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