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God Uses Everything

By Mo Mydlo

Tommy Mydlo and I had the best coffee talk this morning before chores and church.

I started telling him I wish I went to church more as a child. I wish I had the Bible and God’s laws written on my heart at a younger age. I told him how dedicated I am to teaching my grands the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. Tommy said “Mo, God knew when you would accept Him. He uses everything.”

We kept talking and I said “I know Tommy, but if I had known as a child the things I found out later in life, I would have avoided so much sin and it’s consequences.”

As we kept talking, Holy Spirit said to me. “Mo, how would you know how to love these women if you hadn’t walked where they walk?”

The truth is, I understand sexual sin and it’s consequences because I wasn’t pure at marriage.

I understand the need for women to be restored from PTSD because of an abortion choice because even though I never had an abortion, I was not pure before marriage and if in that situation, I cannot say I wouldn’t have made that choice, walking the secular lifestyle I walked.

I understand women needing to renew their minds from anxiety and fear and insecurity and guilt, because I walked long in this world and I didn’t know the peace that passes understanding until I fell in love with Jesus.

I get women, because I am an imperfect woman.

So… I guess, I am not going to go there, with thinking about how things could have been different for me if I had accepted Christ earlier.

I simply am dedicated fully to discipling my kids and grands and other women and children the best I possibly can today. God knew who He chose.

Happy Sunday.

Go to church.

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