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Checking Our Motives

By Mo Mydlo

Why? Why share the half covered boobs and butts? Why? What’s our motives? Truthfully, we want people to think we look good. We want attention for our figures and our looks. We do this, why? Do we not feel good enough about how our Jesus and our husbands feel about us? Lately God He has been making me dig deep and find my motives for everything I do. Because the truth is, our motives are rarely innocent. Our motives are usually selfish and self seeking. Even if we don’t know it. Our selfish nature is sneaky. When God is calling us to love God and love others, most of the time we are about our own agendas. Moms, when we post half naked pictures, what are we teaching our little girls about purity? What are we encouraging them to think about themselves? As an object to be displayed before every man and woman who scrolls and happens to find their body on their page. I think the human body is beautiful. God creates beautiful things. But, our bodies were built by God to be a temple of The Holy Spirit. Our female bodies were created to support life and birth babies and feed them and nurture them. When we treat our bodies as objects to be seen by everyone, those temples are looked at as common and not holy. Yes, this is grown up, getting older, Pastor Mo talking. Lol…. I guess, the truth is, the internet is a scary place and not a place that respects life and human rights and protections all that much. I guess I’m just pleading with y’all, to protect our little girls. They watch us. They learn from us. They determine their worth by seeing how we determine ours. How about we display modesty and purity in front of them so they will feel empowered to do the same? Also, how about we protect them from the dangers of trafficking by helping them see the seriousness of this cyber world they have to live in. How about we teach them to see themselves as God sees them? Beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. How about we just buy some cute bathing suit covers? It’s probably just the Mimi in me. Just a thought.

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