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Chains being broken

Updated: Mar 24

By Mo Mydlo

There’s something about chains being broken.

Have you witnessed this like I have? The beauty of a shackled, sinner finding freedom in Christ? If not, you won’t understand why this jailer was quick to ask “What must I do to get saved?”

There’s nothing more inspiring and attractive than a New Creature in Christ and a once bound captive set free.

Born again addicts finally getting clean, born again prostitutes no longer selling their bodies for money, born again individuals pursuing freedom from trauma and strongholds of the mind; are some of the most Heavenly, beautiful people I’ve met.

Their freedom, makes me want to keep working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

When this jailer saw the freedom that these men of God walked in, he wanted in.

How is your freedom witness?

Need a little work?

I would venture to guess that we could get off our preaching soap boxes and stop handing out our salvation tracks and simply work on breaking our own strongholds and we will be more influential for Heaven than we could be on our best preaching days.

I know I'm still working on trusting God and not trying to control everything. I pray that as I keep working on my mess, others will want to.

Chains being broken by The Savior is attractive to the world. They want to be free just like you and me.

Get real, so people can heal.

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