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Calling All Middle Aged Women

We have no control and over our bodies sometimes. So why do we make ourselves crazy trying to hold onto control?

The truth is, I don’t know what my body is going to do at any given moment right now. Hot flash, cold sweats, tears, laughter….. and these are the symptoms I can talk about in mixed company. Yes, my hormones are in haywire and behaving about the same as an average middle schooler. During the Mother’s Day sermon at church when they were talking about the love of a mother I started crying thinking about my milk cow and her baby. I was thanking God for what a good mother she is. Who thinks about their milk cow during the Mother’s Day message?

Well, there you have it, it’s your menopause minute with Mo.

Ladies, take my advice, kiss your control issues goodbye at Midlife!

I told Tommy Mydlo this morning I feel more peace than I have felt in 20 years. Why? I guess I could merit and give credit to the progesterone boost I’ve been given. But, the truth is, my peace has come from letting go of control.

For the first time in my life my give -a -darn is busted.

I don’t really give a darn about trying to control every situation. I’ve let God have full reigns on my body and emotions and He’s given me peace. It’s been a beautiful exchange.

I realized if I can’t control something what is the sense of pretending I can. The only control we do have is self-control. Sorry ladies, we can’t write that one off, that’s a fruit of the Spirit. We still have to act right; even if we don’t feel right.

I thought about all this when I read this scripture with fresh eyes today.

Peter says we’ve been chosen and pretty much for the simple reason, “to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with His blood.”

God chose us for obedience.

He didn’t choose us for blessing.

He didn’t choose us for prosperity.

He didn’t choose us for happiness no matter what.

He didn’t choose us so we would always “feel well.”

He didn’t choose us for any other reason but obedience.

Wow, there it is.

God chose us to obey.

Let me tell you, obeying Him in my weak areas has brought me so much peace.

Obeying Him and not always needing to know what, why, when and how long, has been so freeing.

There’s a reason He chose us to bring us to obedience. The answer is at the end of this scripture. It is grace and peace in abundance.

Giving God control and not trying to figure everything out brings grace and peace in abundance.

That’s it. Stop being controlling and you’ll have peace. Anyone need that today?

Life happens, even Mid-life.

Let it go. You can’t control it.

Give it to God.

Obey Him. He has you.

But still take your progesterone if it’s prescribed.

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