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Be a Mama Lioness

by Mo Mydlo

My choices of television have changed drastically over the years. I absolutely love nature shows now. I used to think they were boring. I guess I see things with new eyes now that I follow Jesus.

I watched a documentary today that showed a Mama lioness whose cubs were spotted by two male lions. One of her four cubs had wandered off a bit and she quickly went to war with two male lions to protect her baby.

I literally cried when the mama cried as her fight ended badly for one of the four cubs. To see that mama’s heart to protect her young, I couldn’t help but see God all over it.

Are we to believe natural selection and Darwinism and The Big Bang gave this mama those instincts? I say Hell no!

God gave her that will to fight.

God put that fight in Mamas for their babies. I came upstairs and told Eli about it. I thought, I’d fight to the death for mine too.

Actually I will fight to my death for my loved ones. I’ll fight the sinful and intrusive thoughts that try to steal my testimony. I’ll fight the attacks of the enemy through lies and offense. I’ll fight strongholds and mental anguish every day of my life until I meet Jesus to protect anyone’s faith from being hindered by me. I’ll fight for my loves. I’ll fight for the ministry. I’ll fight to make sure I’m here to tell you about the only One Who can save you, Jesus.

Like that mama did whatever she had to for her young, I’ll do that as well to protect what has been entrusted to me.

Fight the good fight of faith. Guard what has been deposited on the inside of you. Guard it with your life.

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