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Be a Border Collie

Drama is exhausting. I loathe it. Where there is drama there is usually gossip and backbiting. Well, living in this fallen, broken world, you better believe we will experience drama often.

Being a woman devoted to teaching and helping lost souls find Jesus, you better believe I am surrounded by drama often. I have six sisters and am in women‘s ministry for goodness sakes. The past few days I have felt the enemy trying to steal my peace by using drama to get in the way of me hearing God correctly. I am dedicated to being used by God, and I know Satan hates that, so he tries whatever he can to get me off my A-Game. This morning I woke up early as usual. I went straight to my Bible study time with God. Of course my devotionals and scriptures I read were right on point with what I needed to do to get back in peace. After I studied, I sat as still as I could and just asked Holy Spirit to speak. I wrote one word at a time, knowing this was God speaking in His still small voice. He said words like “responsible”




”Keep Yourself”

I knew God was telling me, that it’s my responsibility to guard myself from drama. This falls on no one else but me. I said “Yes Lord!” Then I heard


I thought Yes, when I let drama in I’m like a town without borders.

Then God said “Border Collie”

I thought, Yes! I love my Border Collie! I love Border Collies because they are so…serious about responsibilities and their jobs. I need to be like my Border! I need to be the one protecting the boundaries and borders of my heart, mind and life! Thank you God!

I thought about my dog and how serious she is about this poor turtle staying on his side of the fence from our house. She is pretty obsessed right now and she watches him sometimes for hours. She’s guarding our borders. She’s celebrating and responsible for healthy boundaries in our families life. Are we? Am I? Am I protecting myself from drama? Well, I think I am until I find myself letting the negative voices of those people I am trying to help point to Jesus, steal my peace. I think I’m protecting boundaries until I wake up at 3am and these voices are stealing my sleep. We are called, equipped and anointed to do the things which help maintain our own boundaries and peace. The question remains, are we being a Border Collie and taking this job seriously?

Oh friends, I am so thankful for God’s attention to the details I need to guard my heart. Today, I am choosing to zoom in on the fence line of my soul and not let any uninvited drama guests in. I am going to say no to the negative thoughts that are trying to steal my peace. I am fixing my thoughts and actions on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. I’m putting on my armor and guarding my heart from evil.

I thank God for boundaries. I thank God for choices. I thank God for dogs.

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