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Ask Me!

By Mo Mydlo

Saturday night I pulled a muscle in my back. I lifted wrong and I knew it right when I did it. As the night went on my back got tighter and tighter. I struggled in the night trying to sleep.

Yesterday morning came and I sat with ice on the muscle as I drank my coffee and read my Bible. I was tempted to cancel all the plans I had yesterday. One of those plans was serving as a prayer partner at church. I thought for sure I was going to have to send Tommy in my place.

Then I started praying. I carefully walked over to grab more coffee, looked out the window at the farm and heard God say “Are you going to pray for healing?”

I stood at the window and prayed for healing and then told my back to line up in Jesus Name.

Within minutes of Tommy and I sitting together reading I said to Tommy Mydlo, “God is healing my back. I just felt heat go all the way through my back down my leg.” I just kept praying, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jesus. I know you’re healing me.”

Tommy went to do chores and I said… “I’m getting in the shower for church.”

We went to church, prayed at the front with others, then, went to lunch and to some antique shops with friends. Then, my grands came over and I was able to run and play with them in the yard.

I loved when I read this scripture this morning. “What do you want me to do for you?”

God asked blind men this question. I mean, I’m sure He knew blind men wanted sight, but He still asked them. He asked them to ask.

He wanted me to pray and ask. He knew I wanted back relief. He didn’t need me to say it. He allowed me to say it. He wanted me to feel I could ask Him for anything. He gives us that gift of asking.

Jesus asks in another scripture, “Which one of you if your child asks for bread would give him a stone?”

Yall, if my kids or grands ask me for anything I drop everything to try to help them.

God wants the same for us.

We simply must ask according to His will.

It was His will that I go and serve at church. It was His will that I fellowship after, with friends from church at lunch.

He just was waiting for me to ask.

Today, I’m so… thankful to do chores on my own. No pain. No question, I was healed and it was because I asked.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

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